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10 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding Day

  1. Sleep. Sounds too simple, I know. You'd be surprised how a good night of sleep can set your mood for the day. Too restless at night? Try cutting caffeine before 2pm, brew up a cup of sleepy time tea or take something like melatonin or valerian before bed. (Obviously read up on melatonin or valerian if you have medical issues and aren't sure if you should take it!)

  2. Hydrate. This one is always easier said than done. But hey, this is your excuse to go buy that cute water bottle you've been eyeing up!

  3. Delegate. You can't do it all, babe. Your aunt that wants to do the invites? Let her! The bridesmaid that wants to pick up the floral arrangements? Go for it, babe.

  4. Prepare a wedding day emergency kit. Safety pins? Check. Hair pins? Check. Advil? Also check.

  5. Remember, you aren't preparing this wedding to impress anyone or please anyone. This is your day to celebrate!

  6. If you can afford one, hire a wedding coordinator.

  7. Hire an awesome wedding photographer. Let me introduce myself......

  8. Have an itinerary. And share that itinerary with your wedding party, coordinator, your vendors, everyone in involved in your day! We are here to help things move along smoothly!

  9. Don't sweat the small stuff. Things will go wrong, we can't control it all. If it makes you feel better, I had an outdoor wedding and the wind blew a bunch of the vases over, leaving a beautiful, glassy mess.

  10. Relax, take a deep breath and get to marry your best friend!

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