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Don't Do This On Your Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer, I pick up a few things. And if you're getting married, you may want to take notes on my list of what not to do on your wedding day.

1. Skip Meals And Snacks

What ever you do, do not skip on the food. I've seen both sides of this, and believe me, you need to eat. Nerves can do a thing to you, food will help calm nerves and give you the energy you need for the day. Wedding days can be long, so make sure you get all 3 meals.

If it helps, plan ahead. Prep a breakfast the night before or plan for a breakfast buffet to enjoy while you and the wedding party get ready, assign someone the task of ordering lunch, and take your time to sit and really eat a good dinner at the reception. And don't be afraid to snack throughout the day!

2. Expect Perfection

It can be hard not to use the word "perfect" when we talk about one of the biggest days of our life. We grew up with Pinterest and Instagram and...if you were anything like me, dreamed about your wedding day almost every day as you grew up. It's understandable to want a perfect wedding day, but the hard truth is that it will not be all around perfect. The cake may get a little melty, the flowers may have gotten mixed up (at my wedding it was so windy the flowers actually got knocked over! Glass everywhere.) or your dress may be just a little too tight. Yes, I've seen it happen. But it's important to remember a few things, first of all, your wedding day is not a photoshoot. It doesn't need to be perfect. The reason this whole day even came to fruition is because you get to marry your best friend. That is what wedding days are all about, right? Marrying the love of your life and celebrating with friends and family. So don't worry about things not going to plan, or not being's not about perfection.

3. Be The Bridezilla

"Yikes, did she really just tell me not to be a bridezilla?" Yes, yes I did. Refer to item #2 on the list. Don't expect perfection and don't forget why you are even doing all this. When we expect perfection and things don't go to plan, we get stressed. When we get stressed we take it out on the people around us. And I give you...Bridezilla. Try to remember that the friends, family and vendors are all there for you and want to make your day as enjoyable as they possibly can.

4. Load Up On Caffeine

Just. Don't. You know what doesn't help your nerves? 3 cans of Redbull and a racing heart. One cup of coffee on your way to hair and makeup? Go for it, beautiful.

5. Rush

It is your wedding day, after all. Why don't you take the time to enjoy it? It all comes back to one thing (if you haven't figured it out by now), this is a day of celebration. So take a breath, smile, and celebrate!

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