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2023 Wedding Trends

As the 2022 wedding season comes to an end, we now look forward. 2023 will bring plenty of things our way, but if you're getting married this year, it most certainly will bring lots of joy! Wedding trends come and go, and if you're looking for inspiration, here are some of the up and coming trends for 2023:

1. Micro Weddings and Elopements

Gone are the days of planning lavish, expensive weddings just to appease your family and impress your friends. If you haven’t noticed already, elopements and small weddings have grown increasingly popular. After all, it is your day, isn’t it? So, if you want an intimate ceremony with your close family and friends or a mountain elopement with just the two of you…I’ve got your back! *And I think your mom’s cousin’s stepbrother’s wife will understand if they aren't invited. You have my permission to invite only the people close to you.

2. Charcuterie

There’s that word again…you’ve seen them all over Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, but did you know you could have some cute little charcuteries set up at your wedding??

*Pssst* Let me introduce you to one of my favorite charcuterie businesses:

Clearwater Charcuterie

You can make charcuterie part of your reception, have a s'mores charcuterie out by the bonfire, or a breakfast charcuterie while you and the girls (or guys) get ready. YUM!

3. Alternative Cake Options

And I am talking very alternative options. I’ve seen donuts, ice cream and pizza all replace the obligatory wedding cake that people THINK they need. Don’t like cake? Pick something fun to replace it! Mmm….what about fudge?! Cinnamon rolls?? Cinnamon roll fudge….that’s it, that’s the money maker.

4. Farewell Photo Down the Aisle

*Stock Image

You’ve probably seen those cute photos of the bride and groom leaving the reception

showered with confetti or the light of dozens of sparklers…..but a 12 hour wedding day isn’t necessarily in the budget for some people. No worries! Here’s a super cute trend I’ve noticed….save those sparklers and confetti for your walk down the aisle! What a fun way for everyone to celebrate right after you tie the knot!

5. Color

Think moody-maximalism. Colored bridal gowns, printed gowns, multi-colored bridesmaid dresses. Just do some searching on Pinterest, you can thank me later.

6. Velvet

Before you say “yuck”, just check out this fab tux from Tip Top Tux! Or you can opt for velvet table runners, tablecloths or even your bridesmaid dresses (Hello vintage boho vibes!)

7. Outdoor Ceremonies and Receptions

Don’t let the fear of rain keep you from getting outside! Not to mention rain on your wedding day is actually viewed as good luck by some…and OMG how fun would playful, rainy wedding portraits be?? Choose a place you love, Grandma and Grandpa’s backyard….your favorite state park, beautiful floral gardens or wide open grasslands, the options are endless!

So, what is OUT for 2023, you ask? People pleasing. Big weddings that cost your life savings. Taking loans out for your wedding. In the end, it’s your day. Choose what makes you happy.

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