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Into The Garden We Go...

Where to begin….I love everything about this session. If anyone wants a photoshoot in their garden, I’m your girl. In fact, if every shoot I did was in a garden as gorgeous as this I’d be happy as a clam. Not even considering that the model was one of my best friends, this was a really fun shoot. And when you're having fun, you're going to get lots of fun pictures.

Anyone who knows me knows I typically outdo myself when it comes to the amount of photos I deliver. My website says 20-40 for a regular session and 15-20 for mini…..expect more. I just can’t help myself. And this one was really tough to limit myself! I would share the whole dang gallery with you if I could. I’ll just share a few instead.

So, yeah… time you feel like getting all pretty and taking pictures in your garden, hit me up.

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