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Hi! Some of you may already know me (shout out to all the supportive friends and family!). But for those of you who are new or just checking out my page, I wanted to post an introduction. One that's little less formal than the summary in my "Behind The Camera" page.

So my name is Maddie! Most days you can find me at my full time day job (love having a solid career but let's be honest: End goal is full time photographer!) or I can be found at home with my sweet baby girl and loving husband. In my pre-baby days you could typically find me doing just about anything outdoors. I'm an avid hiker and love getting out in nature any way I can. We also have a rockin' side by side that we love hitting the trails with (when we can find a babysitter). And in my pre-marriage days, before there was a mortgage and other bills to be paid....just about every paycheck went towards new fishing gear. I know....what was I thinking!? Just imagine if all that money went into a savings. I guess that's why they say hindsight is 20/20. I've also got a beautiful (okay, weed filled) vegetable garden that I tend to each year. When I find the time I do some canning to preserve the veggies I've grown. If anyone wants some pickles, I'm your lady! Seriously, my husband would be forever grateful if you took some off our hands. I may have gotten a little carried away with pickling one summer...

Looking back I can say my hobbies have changed a little with each season of my life. But one thing always remained the photography. It has always been a love of mine but it remained on the back burner until recently. I was always taking pictures. When I was hiking, fishing, gardening.....all my hobbies were tied by my one ultimate passion. So it has brought me great joy to finally follow that passion and turn it into the dream job I should have chased years ago.

It would be my absolute pleasure to be your photographer sometime! I still get excited (and also rather flattered) any time someone asks me to take their pictures. So the next time you are looking for someone to capture those special moments for you and your family, keep me in mind!

Yours Truly,


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